Journal of Quranic and Social Studies 2024-03-30T00:00:00+00:00 Dr, Aman Ullah Open Journal Systems <p>JQSS is the research Journal of HRA (AL-HIDAYA RESEARCH ACADEMY (Rg)Balochistan Quetta, it is a bi-annual journal and offers double-blind peer review, started at 2021.</p> <p> </p> حلال غذا سے متعلق شرعی ضوابط 2023-09-25T18:41:36+00:00 Marghoob Ahmed Abdul Rehman Fawad Saeed <p>Diet is the apparent survival of human being, as well as the basic and fundamental need of every human being. It recognized that food has most important in any human life. The physical protection of mental and spiritual health is based on human diet. The effects of diet are on both private and public aspects of human life. The performance of good and evil in life is also related to diet. If the food is pure the person himself, the pure, and the attributes of the person become a useful part of the society for others, so that the world also becomes a path of good and hereafter. If the diet is unclean, the actions that are released from the human body are bad, and such a person, for himself and especially for religion, Islam is the basic unit of life. Therefore, Islam has emphasized a lot of food, Islam only corrects pure things for humans and prevents the use of dirty and unclean things. It is in the Quran: "people ask you what things are lawful for them"? Say unto you that all pure things are lawful for them. In the second place, "all pure things are lawful for them, and all dirty things are forbidden." the summary of religious orders is to adopt two things lawful and to take away from committing haram. If the summary of the whole religion is permissible, then it is permissible for them to do so. There are effects of forbidden food that are coming in front of time, every human is seeking paradise, and the way the person wears paradise.</p> 2024-03-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Author بیویوں کےمابین قسم : لسان الحکام فی معرفۃ الاحکام کی روشنی میں 2023-11-30T18:58:29+00:00 Muhammad Rashid Dr. Shabir Ahmed <p>Islam stands as a harmonious faith, thoughtfully attuned to the intricacies of human psychology. It is not uncommon for scholars and observers from the East to raise concerns regarding the frequency of marriages in Islam, suggesting that it may inadvertently perpetuate gender oppression by permitting polygamy. Nevertheless, a closer examination reveals that this is not an avenue for oppression but rather a safeguard for modesty, with the very essence of marriage rooted in the preservation of virtue.The profound wisdom behind this allowance lies in the understanding that human desires can ebb and flow with changing circumstances, including variations in climate. In cases where these desires become overwhelming and there is no provision for a subsequent marriage, the question arises: why uphold the sanctity of modesty? Thus, Islam, emerging as a force to quell discord, vice, and societal turmoil, has extended the privilege of entering into up to four marriages simultaneously. It is crucial to underline that this permission comes with stringent conditions, articulated in the realm of Islamic jurisprudence as 'Qasam'.</p> 2024-03-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Author نبی ﷺ کی مکی اور مدنی زندگی کا تقابلی جائزہ 2023-12-03T15:33:21+00:00 Maria khalil Dr. Kaleem Ullah <p>Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the most influential figure in the entire history of mankind who reformed the most ignorant, uncivilized, brutal worrior and violant assassinator Arabs into civilized, peaceful and men of knowledge and wisdom in a short span of time (almost 23 years). Accustomed to idolatry were transformed into custodian of Tauheed and got uniformed as the beeds of neckless. The world’s famous writer Micheal H. Hart has categorized the hundred most successful men according to the level of their prosperity in his most famous book “The Hundred”. Despite of being a Christain, he has mentioned the name of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at the top and Prophet Esa (AS) as third in the human history and he himself depicts the reason to keep Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on the top by saying that: “He was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels.” (Pg: 3) While evaluating the profound life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), two spans of time are found; Makki era and Madni era. The stratigies and activities of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) appear differently in both of the eras for implementation of Allah’s word and transformation of the mankind. The paper aims to describe the transformation of the policies of Prophat Muhammad (SAW) according to the need of time from Makki era to Madni Era. It elaborates how Prophet Muhammad (SAW) kept on changing his preaching stratigies as well as social and political activities while keeping in view the conditions and circumstances in both of the eras. Moreover the paper also aims to highlight His dimensions in both of the eras in order to evaluate how He brought such a great revolution in such a short span of time.</p> 2024-03-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Author ڈیجیٹل اثاثوں کی میراث 2023-10-20T06:29:42+00:00 Ameer Muhammad Dr. M. Ammad ul Haque <p>This research pertains to a legal advancement in the field of inheritance, as the increasing use of the internet and technology has made various services such as email, social media, various websites, digital currencies, and various applications easily accessible to people, bringing convenience and ease to all aspects of life, including education, business, media, marketing, and more. Due to this tremendous progress, we can confidently say that we are living in a digital era. While this revolution has provided humanity with many conveniences, it has also given rise to various legal issues that require attention and solutions, which align with the conditions set by Allah for a Muslim. The challenges arising from these technological revolutions are numerous, but this article will focus on highlighting the legal aspects of digital heritage or "Taraka." In this research, we will delve into the details of this issue, defining digital heritage and discussing its importance for users and their heirs. Additionally, we will clarify user rights concerning digital applications and shed light on the nature of contracts between service providers. We aim to explore the legal consensus on digital heritage through the perspectives and deductions of esteemed jurists.</p> 2024-03-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Author بلوچستان میں فرقہ واریت:تحقیقی مطالعہ(اردو ادب کے تناظر میں) 2024-02-15T17:40:12+00:00 Gul Ghutai Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Khattak <p>Balochistan is a region that is facing various social problems. Among these social problems 21st century is the source of many. Sectarianism is also one such social problem which has proved to be a very important factor in creating various problems. This leads to social discrimination, unrest, disorder, terrorism, religious extremism, fanaticism and other crimes. In the constitutional protection by using the term sects in a positive sense. That is why it is growing more day by day. Its roots are getting stronger day by day due to its social acceptance. This important social problem of Balochistan has been made a subject by the writers of different literary genres of Urdu. In this paper, the causes and effects of sectarianism have been described.</p> 2024-03-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Author