About the Journal

JQSS is an open-access journal. the following area of the subject could be publish in JQSS.

Islamic studies and research.

Social science.

arts and humanities.

JQSS is licensed under; a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

JQSS Research Journal has been launched by the Al-Hidaya Research Academy (Rg) Balochistan Quetta, since Jan 2021. The journal aims to provide a platform for academic fraternity in Islamic and religious studies around the world for the publication of their scholarly research.  It is devoted primarily to the publication of research in diverse fields of Islamic and social Studies, literature, culture, and current issues in Islamic discourse and the history of the Muslim world.

Research articles on Islam more broadly on religion, based on the sources from diverse cultural backgrounds will also be considered for publication in instances where the editors find the material especially relevant to the objectives of the journal.

Aims and objectives of journal of Quranic And Social Studies  include:

-to encourage advanced scholarly research on contemporary issues of the modern era, in addition to the traditional approach to various branches of Islamic learning on Islam, which aims at a legitimate Islamic verdict on complex social, individual, and scientific issues.

-to help academic researchers get their writings published in all domains of religious studies in general, Islamic  and social Studies  in particular.

-to deliver analytical reviews on the latest books and other academic materials.

-to publish articles after the blind peer review process, which is carried out by leading specialists in Islamic & Social studies in order to enhance the Islamic & Social scientific research which addresses the issues faced by our societies.

-to develop diversity, tolerance, and fruitful scholarly discussions among researchers without any ethnic, national, or religious discrimination. So JQSS welcomes scholars from around the world to submit their scholarly contributions to our platform.

Other Information of Journal:

Journal Full Name: journal of Quranic And Social Studies

Key Name: JQSS

ISSN (e): 2790-5640

ISSN (p): 2790-5632

Frequency: Bi-annual (2 issues per year)

Nature: Print & Online

Submission E-mail: editor.jqss@gmail.com       

Language of Publication: English, Urdu.

Accreditation: JOURNAL RECOGNIZED BY HEC (Higher Education Commission) IN Y CATEGORY

Published by:  Al-Hidaya Research Academy (Rg) Balochistan Quetta